Monday, November 3, 2008

S/R 2. It is not just the lack of food

Carolina Borrero (Carola)
Writer’s Workshop EAP 2-A
October 29, 2008

Summary Response #2
It is not just the lack of food

According to McClure (2001), in his article “Risk of Orca extinction underscored in analysis”, The Orcas who live in waters of Western Washington, Puget Sound, and San Juan Islands could disappear in one or two centuries. The Orcas on the first place are threat because of the lack of food, especially Salmon, caused by pollution. The Orcas on the other two places could be extinction by an oil spill. The author affirms that it is really important to take actions, because every minute is essential to killer whales. The author also explains how the information of the whales came from the investigations of the Center for Whale Research in Friday Harbor started in 1976. Looking at those records, McClure said that are some factors, which can tell people what is happening with Orcas. As an example of these factors the author mentioned the 1950s, years when the United States and Canadian Air force used the killer whale as target practice. The author states that one of the most important solutions could be to learn about the PCBs and how that affects the salmon’s population. However, McClure affirms that changes in the world’s climate could be one warning factor, but is not really notorious. Finally, the author said that it is time to cross our fingers to watch the future reactions of killer whales, trying to not make the same mistakes that people made in the past.

The author establishes something really important. That is the fact that people should not be alert just about the physical problems that cause the threat to killer whales. He said that it is necessary to pay attention to the problems of the environment because those issues affect the life of the organisms in the sea. In order to protect the Orcas it is necessary set responsibilities, take actions, and be concerned about the environment effects on these mammals.

If you ask about responsibility of those who disturbed few years ago the killer whales’ life, as the author said, governments, theme parks, or scientists were responsible. All these persons prejudiced the Orcas or its habitats with no cost. After that, the killer whales have had a very bad time; some people are trying to help but they need economics resources that maybe those who disturbed it years ago could have.

Taking actions is more than just saying that the killer whales are in danger. Taking actions means doing something about it. They should make laws, fines, and charges to those who destroy everything related with Orcas’ problem. The obstacle for this is the time that people think they need to do right things. People and government could not think that they need to know all the aspects in front and begin the problem to solve it. This problem warrants immediate action no matter if people do not know more than the fact that killer whales are dying.

The problem of extinctions of the killer whales does not lie just in the past or the new issue with Salmon. The Orcas also suffer from all environmental crises that the world is having. Global warming implies the temperature changes in the water and that affects sea life, including killer whales. So, the small thing that someone in the other part of the planet does, actually can have an effect on the Orcas.

In conclusion, killer whales are dying and it is necessary to help it. In order to do that it is possible establish some responsibilities, take actions, and be worried about the effects that environmental problems have on these mammals. People should be conscious that anything that they do can affect the animals, even when they think it is too far away to do it. It is necessary to be aware; everybody should help; everyone should collaborate, because it is a problem that human created.

McClure, R. (2001, February 21). Risk of Orca extinction underscored in analysis. Retrieved on October 27, 2008, from

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