Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hw 6. Memories

I think are a lot of things that remind me important moments in my life. Depends on the moment. In what of that moment made a difference in my life. For example, maybe some moments are made it by a song. Maybe another moment could be made it by a movie. Some phrases are important to me, and remind a moment. In Venezuela we play games that are part of my childhood. One of those games we called “Policia y ladron” (Police and robber). In this game we had teams. One were polices, and the other one were the robbers. The idea of the game is that polices had to try to catch all the robbers. At the beginning of the game the teams had to mark a place as a prision. Polices should put robbers into that place. The only way that robbers could go out was if another of their team touches him. I think the game finish when all robbers were in prision, or when we decided stop playing. For me, my memories are like a successive, when something remind me a moment; I start remembering all thing related with that fact. In this case, when I remember a game I began seeing all memories about my childhood. But, how I said there are a lot of factors that remind me a place or a time.

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