Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hw. 4 Dreams of my life

I think dreams are a huge topic, because everybody could have an idea of dream. Everybody has a different dream. In my case my family always thought me how to be independent, so for me one of my biggest dreams is be a successful person. I don’t want to be dependent of anyone or anything. To make this possible I need to be ready in my career and my life. I am studying all the levels of my profession to be the best one. I am living my values to find someone who think like me. The successful of my life, all the aspects, love, profession, relations are the way that I can live in happiness. For me, happiness is a style of life, is not something that we can get with some steps. In other words, my dreams and aspirations are do whatever I want that make me feel happy, because I don’t want to think in the future Why I didn’t do something?

My biggest fear is broke my dreams. I don’t want to lose the chance of do anything. I don’t want to regret any of my actions. I don’t want that my personal aspiration will be destroy by my professional aspirations. I don’t want that my professional dreams will be destroy by my personal dreams. So, my idea is be in balance, or at least try it. The important thing is do what make you feel good. If that action doesn’t have relations with your initial dream, maybe this new one is better. People should be happy with their decisions. Those decisions are pieces of their life, and because of those they have the life that they make. I don’t know I think this is a very controversial topic, and everyone has their own answer for this!

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Anna said...

I chose this topic because I wanted to find a very conversational topic.
I really like the statement where you said that you think happiness is a style of life. Also that you think that your professional goals shouldn't inhibit your personal goals. These are really good points. A person with wisdom can live this out, I'm sure you will be able to.