Monday, November 3, 2008

Hw 3. Halloween in Venezuela

In Venezuela be celebrate Halloween but is not too important for us. We enjoy costume parties. Some kids go to ask for candy. However is not too usual like in the United States, because almost everybody live in buildings. The fact is that we don’t really preparated ourselves to this holiday. Halloween is a death festivity. We enjoy the scary stories, and movies, but in the United States is a real important holiday. It is like a law that everyone should use a costume. Everybody should make faces on the pumpkin.

Both, Venezuela and the United States commemorated deaths but in a different ways. In Venezuela not everybody is concern about which costume will use or where they will go to have a party. We don’t have a lot of Halloween advertisements. In Venezuela we don’t have rules about the way to knock neighbors doors, or the hours when people can do that. I’m not sure but I think we don’t have hunting houses. For Venezuelan Halloween is another party day but using a costume or something black and orange.

Actually this year was the first one that I used a costume. No matter what I think almost everybody celebrate a death day. The issue is the publicity or the importance that each country gives it. Everybody do whatever is approving in their culture and traditions.

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Anna said...

I really like the observation that you have. I think that in every culture there is a special way to treat the dead. I asked this question for that reason!