Monday, November 10, 2008

F.E #5. Elections

Having the opportunity to experience the elections being in the United States was really good. I could see how the theory that I learned in my University was applied to real life. Actually, I learned about the popular election and the states elections. I did not know that each candidate was fighting for 270 points. I thought it was for the majority, such as it is in my country. One of the most interesting things that I saw was the fact that the elections in the U.S. always are on a Tuesday. People and communities need a lot of organization to vote in a workday without any problem. In Venezuela the election are on Sunday, so people just pass all day watching the elections news. Here it is so different; that day is like a regular day, the only difference is that in the night they have a new government. But, definitely the election works in the United States; everything happened with not problem or mistake; maybe we have to change our style

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