Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hw 5. A time for me

I think some time alone is important to anybody. In this time people can think everything better. For me, sometimes I need to clear my head off so I can think straight. Maybe I not do anything in that time, but that time is healthy for me. It is like a peaceful time. I love be with people and friends. I just need a little space once in a while. It is not necessary an entire day for me, maybe while I take a shower or when I am stock in the traffic. I just love play some music and sing, watch TV, think, or sleep. I don’t have anything prepared for that moment is what I feel I want to do. I don’t think that people should have this time alone like an appointment. People enjoy more something improvised. It is necessary a moment that occur without premeditation.

Not everybody likes spend time alone. Someone feels they are wasting their time. However I think everybody have this time, even when they don’t know it. It is something that people do unconscious. I really enjoy some minutes alone. I like see the big picture of the thing, and these times help me to do it. Maybe we’re very different, who knows?


CESL said...

Yeah, we are different in that I like to plan on having some down time by myself. I get those random moments by myself but they don't do much for me to relax. It's not until I get to have sometime by self to read or relax.

Anna said...

~That was from Anna