Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hw 5. Coffee Vs Tea

In Venezuela coffee is very popular at the morning or after every food time. Tea is very popular when people is sick or for old people. In fact Venezuela produce a very good coffee called “Fama de America”. In my country we don’t have stores like Starbucks but we have in almost everywhere coffee machines from Nescafe.

In my particular case I really love the coffee but when is like latte vanilla, because I love a very sparkling coffee with a lot of milk and sugar! In the United States is something like White Chocolate Mocca from Starbucks. This coffee makes me feel peaceful, calm, and warm if I’m cold. I don’t like the strong coffee I prefer sweet tastes. Actually I don’t feel the energy from the caffeine of the coffee maybe is because I don’t drink just coffee or expresso coffee.

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Anna said...

Tea is for old people? You are too funny!