Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hw. 6 Venezuela's school

In Venezuela classes are structured a little different. School is from kinder to sixth grade. High School is from first year to fifth year. During the three first years of high school people decide what they want to study at the University and in the last two years of high school they go to science or humanistic studies. After that people should go to University. Generally classes star in first week of October to middle of July. Obviously with Christmas vacations, “Semana Santa” vacation is like spring break in March, and other small holidays.

Venezuelan students have to use uniforms, in school there are a white chemise with the symbol of the school. Between first and third year of high school they have to use a blue chemise with the symbol of the institution. When the students are in fourth or fifth year of high school they should use a beige chemise with the symbol of the high school. Depends on the school’s rules if students have to use pants or skirt.

In the institutions where I studied I had a classroom and my teacher had to go there, except for the science lab or specials subjects. I really never had an experience in American school, but I think the most important difference is the fact that here at the United States school are located in each county and people of that county go to that school. In Venezuela is completely different people choose the school no matter where is located. Other big difference is the numbers of students; in the U.S are more students per school that in Venezuela. Definitely, no matter what, the high school time is the best one.

These are my best friends from high school, We were in second year of high school.

These are my classmate on our last year of high school. We were of sciences studies.

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Anna said...

I like the fact that the boys had to lay down to be in the picture. You looked so cute in high school!!
Also, the differences you have mentioned are very interesting. High school in the United States is turning more and more into mini-college.