Thursday, October 23, 2008

F.E #2. Knowing the world

Generally people around the world think their own country or city is the best one, but even when I think in the same way, I should say that after visiting a few cities in the United States, and some countries in the Caribbean, I think that Chicago is a very good place to go. The interesting thing about Chicago is the fact that it is a city with a lot of diversity. There is not only diversity of people, there is all kind of music, religions or cultures. It is a city where everyone can be comfortable and enjoy their visit. Chicago is a place with a lot of things to do, like going shopping, visiting museums, and going to natural parks. People could see every kind of thing in Chicago. It is like a city where everything can happen. I just went there for four days but I really got a good impression of the city, and in my opinion, that is what a city needs to be recommended.

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