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0 Practice S/R. Everybody should be worried about

Carolina Borrero
EAP 2-A Writer’s Workshop
October 20, 2008

Practice Summary Response

Everybody should be worried about

According to Hirsch (2005) in his article “Animals ‘hit by global warming,’” warming already is affecting the life style of some animals. Also, the author explains a few examples of this problem, which were presented in a meeting of E.U. Nature Conservation Chiefs in Scotland. First, warming is changing the routes of migration of birds. Second, some animals are able to adapt to the new weather condition, but this is not an option for animals like the polar bears, because the habitants where it lives are disappearing. Third, environment changes are so fast that is very difficult for the animals to adapt; also, it is difficult for humans to agree to try to find solutions. Finally, the author said that the solutions should be fast and radical because global warming is happening and it is not waiting for a green light to destroy the ecosystem.

It is important to stress the idea of the author about the solution, because it is necessary make an effort to find global answers. The problem is not just that the interest of one country is something that everyone has to deal with. In order to make solutions, it cold be good to educate people about causes and consequences of global warming, invest money in research to find new ways to control the environment, and create new laws made by the environmental organizations.

Educating people is a way to teach them causes and consequences of global problems like global warming, so that people could be conscious and try to help to protect the planet and the sources of our products. People should try to think like all the resources in the world are in extinction, so that they can protect it more and try to causes less damage. Also, protecting the planet people indirectly will help animals that are affected by the environmental problems, because with small changes people will reduce the destruction of animal habitats.

In order to protect the environment it is necessary to invest a lot of money, because it is important to create campaigns against the planet destruction; it is necessary to find alternative ways to do the thing that threat the ecosystem, like aerosols or deforestation. The problem with this idea is the fact that not all the countries have money to invest. Moreover maybe countries with better economic status could help countries in bad situations. In other words it has to be a global campaign paid by all governments.

Currently there exist few organizations that focus on global environmental problems but obviously those organizations are not enough. Consequently, is essential to make new laws and organizations that could be truly impartial. They have to ensure the survival of the planet no matter who or what is affecting it. These organizations should give a penalty to countries that attempt against the planet. It could not be possible the idea of moving these global problems because it other priorities appear.

It is very important to find global solutions, so that people around the world can help to resolve the problem. Teaching causes and consequences of global warming, investing money in research and creating new laws could help to resolve in some way the issues that global warming produces so that the animals may enjoy and live peacefully in their habitat. But the most relevant thing is to remember that global warming is not an individual problem; it is something that everyone should be worried about. For this reason, everybody should put their grain of sand and start the solution by themselves.

Hirsch, T. (2005, October 5). Animals ‘hit by global warming’. BBC News. Retrieved on October 15, 2008 from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4313726.stm

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