Friday, September 5, 2008

HW 2. My favorite food

My favorite food is Empanadas, is a traditional food of Venezuela and is in everywhere in my country. Is very easy to made but is necessary use Harina Pan, is a corn flour from Venezuela. In the United States it is possible find this ingredient maybe at the internationals stores. With the Harina pan and water make a mass, then the chef have to do a little ball. After that is indispensable push the ball until be like a Mexican tortilla. When the tortilla is ready must be filled with whatever you like. For an example it can be cheese, chicken or beef. The empada have to be fried and finally you can eat it. In Venezuela is tradition eating empanadas on the beach so that some ladies have their small sales. Also in the port is mini mall with a lot of selling empanadas. I love empanadas because it remind me my childhood and of course days at the beach.

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Anna said...

They look good. I hope that I get a chance to try them someday!