Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hw 3. My Favorite Music

I like almost all kinds of music as long as the song express something, and of course the tempo it’s very important. The tempo must hook me and make feel the music inside, and all my stress or fears should go away. Even if I can listen all music styles I have my preferences, which are balada-pop (slow and romantic pop), and dancing music like salsa, merengue bachata, etc. I hear these styles when I am really angry or sad, and I need think about the problem that I have.

My favorite balada-pop artist is a group from Venezuela called A.5. I had the opportunity to meet them, and we build a good friendship so that I like all their song. But I love one entitle “Supervisor de tus sueños” because it remained me a very special night. On the other hand my favorite dancing artist is Marc Anthony. I really love a song called “Aguanile” because I can feel the energy in the music of this song.

I still remember the first time a listen A.5 when my mom show me their first song eigth years ago and since then I like the group. Marc Anthony was a little different I hear the song in my salsa casino class and it was like a click immediately I love it.

P.D: I could not upload the songs! I do not why. sorry... if you want listen it I can show you I have the two song in my Ipod.

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Anna said...

I would love to hear them sometime.
"Supervisor of your dreams"? That title could either be very romantic or creepy.