Monday, September 1, 2008

Hw 1. My first visit to United States

The first time I came to United States I was very young maybe three years old so I cannot remember much, and after that I came to this country once a year. However I have good memories about my visits. First when I was a littler child I came with my parent and they were so happy and friendly. I always went to Orlando, Florida so we went to Disney so many times. It was just the three of us nobody else to disturbed. Second when I was ten years old my parents bought our first house in Orlando, It was so beautiful and the house was so big, for me that was a mansion. Third I remember my last Santa Claus’s present it was a Discman player, one Christmas t-shirt, and many compact disks. I also remember all the details of our last trip together I was eleven years old. In conclusion United States for me is a happy place. I really want not live here because it is not my country but I always enjoy mi visits and my vacations.

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Anna said...

It's nice to hear that you associate going to the United States with getting gifts and vacations.
Good job on your paragraph.