Friday, September 19, 2008

HW. 4 Movie industry

Venezuela is striving to created a movie industry. Actually we have a lot of support to promote the movie industry, like movies festivals. The problem is the way that everybody think because they always use the same subjects and stories so the people obviously is bored about that. This is the reason why the people prefer international films, most of them from The United States; of course Hollywood is the biggest movie industry in America. However Venezuela is a really movie fan all the theaters are full at all time.

In my opinion I really want to support the national films, because I studied that career, my specialization is moviemaker, but the true is that Venezuela is not prepared yet to understand the things that public likes to see. In the other hand, I really like the Hollywood’s movies and some time the Europeans. My favorite movies from the U.S are the love stories like “The Notebook” because the story really hooks me, and make me feel different. From Europe, I really enjoy Amelie because the colors and the photography of the movie is just amazing, and of course the way that she really appreciated the simply thing of the life. For example introduce the hand in a boll of beans.

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Anna said...

I've seen ads for that European movie but I've never seen it. I'll have to see it sometime.
You studied filmmaking? I hope you make a movie someday! I'd love to see it.