Thursday, December 4, 2008

Practice Quiz. To Buy or Not To Buy

Carolina Borrero
Writer’s Workshop EAP 2-A
December 3, 2008

To Buy or Not To Buy

Do you think it is the same shopping online or in real life? This is the debate between the buyers. Some people affirm that it is too dangerous, and others state that it is the best way to go shopping. There is no question that buying is one of the most popular things to do. Now there are more places that have extended their hours and their shopping options. Every day more and more stores are making shopping easier for the buyers. This will happen until the point that it is possible to buy in the most comfortable place for everyone, their own house. No matter what, each side of the debate defends their statement with a lot of proof. However it seems that the side pro shopping by Internet is winning because every day more and more people are using this method to find what they need.

Some of the arguments that shopping online is the best thing that people can do are first shopping online is very safe. Second, it is easy to do, and third Internet provides everything that people need.

A lot of people do not trust in the Internet because they think is very dangerous. However, “online shopping is quite safe, as long as you follow precautions. According to the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumers Protections, the majority of identity theft occurred off-line with criminals intercepting mail or skimming data from carelessly discarded credit card receipts (Ball, 2008, para. 2).

Every day more and more stores are making easier the life of their consumers. Now the buyers can do car shopping, save their shopping list, and compare prices and products. In this case, Internet gives people one of the easier methods to find the best offers in one click, in their own homes (Ball, 2008).

The possibility of finding everything that people need in one place is one of the most attractive points that shopping online has. “There’s no question that shopping online is convenient. Online buying is not only timesaver, but it allows you to get great deals when you compare prices of the same item from different online shops. The internet is like a central shopping mall, where you can find just about everything you might need –from groceries and clothing to collectibles and hard-to-find replacement parts” (Robertson, 2006, para.1).

In conclusion, there always will be two sides because not everybody agrees with the idea of giving confidential information online. Shopping online is a delicate topic that at the end is very personal and subjective. The real question here is thinking of in the possibility of losing the human skills because of the lack of contact with other people, because more and more people prefer shopping online to shopping in a real store.

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